Thursday, 31 August 2017

NCTJ diploma exams: November sitting

Reminder for our NCTJ diploma course students: entries for the NCTJ spring exams are due in by Friday, September 29.

Students doing our NCTJ diploma courses need to decide whether to enter any subjects.

You can see the exam dates and exam times here

Do now
  1. Fill out the exam entry form here Tick the box in section B saying you're a CMP student. You have to pay the exam fees when you submit the form.
  2. You can see the exam fees here Scroll down to the section: Diploma in journalism. You do not have to pay a registration fee.
  3. If you want to sit any exams overseas, see details here Scroll down to the section: Sitting exams abroad. 
Once you have entered
  1. Download Tips files and mock exam papers for the subjects you have entered from the NCTJ Exam Papers and Exam Tips libraries.
  2. You must submit coursework with these exams: Broadcasting, and Videojournalism for online. Email us for details.
  3. Once you have entered, await instructions from the NCTJ, not from us. They normally send them to you around 7-10 days before the exam.
  4. Queries about exam arrangements should go to the NCTJ, not to us.
  5. Your results will go to you, not to us.
Essential Journalism and Essential Ethics exams

These replace the Reporting exam and are mandatory. You can see details here

The NCTJ will be providing mock exams and will let you know arrangements when you enter. 

CMP does not have any mock exam papers for these subjects,

Message us if you have any questions.


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