Monday, 25 April 2016

Copywriting should never say: ‘Sorry, that’s not my job’

Copywriters should be prepared to deal with clients’ questions, even if they involve other areas of publishing.

Clients don’t always realise who does what, and it doesn’t help to tell them: ‘Sorry, that’s not my sphere.’ Especially as the demarcation lines between copywriting, web writing and web editing are increasingly indistinct.

Obviously, you shouldn’t get out of your depth. But you can still point the client to someone who knows the answers, or find them a weblink.

I mention this because one of our copywriting course students dealt effectively with a client’s query about SEO the other day – even though it wasn’t ‘her subject’.

The client asked her for some comments on her website. And she told them:
  1. You only have one inbound link. Try to get some more.
  2. Your site’s very static: the content never changes. You need regular changes to your home page, plus new content like news articles, press releases, a blog.
  3. Your page titles are too long: should be 65 characters, yours are 86.
She also found this site where the client was able to discover more information themselves.

No surprise that our student secured the contract for writing the site, too.

All because she cared enough to say: ‘Sorry, but I’m only a copywriter.’

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