Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What to include in your career blog

It depends on which course you’re doing. Someone working through a copywriting course will use different content than someone doing a proofreading course

Think of your blog as your personal showcase: a blend of your cuttings file and career portfolio.

There are no rules. But it should contain:
  1. Personal profile / CV / testimonials
  2. Published work / best coursework
  3. Commentary on issues that interest you
Let’s look at two examples.

This one belong to one of our students.

You’ll see Samson has posted his articles, testimonials, and CV. So any prospective employer can see who he is, and what he does.

His speciality is politics, so there are sections for political articles, along with

links / cuttings to stories he’s covered on work experience.

This one belongs to Poppy Lowdon, who is doing a women's magazine journalism course

Again, similar content to Samson’s.

You won’t have many pages to start with. But that’s OK. You'll soon fill it up.

See our blogging course

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