Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Self-build websites and SEO

Self-build websites are popular these days. They’re free and reasonably simple to use … I say reasonably because few of them are as easy as the adverts claim.

Wix provide some great designs. And 1and1 give a great range of tools, too.

But do self-build sites affect your SERPs?

We tell students on our distance learning SEO course that they don’t make any difference, provided they have an original domain URL … not one provided by the program.

The URL should be SEO-friendly, and that may mean including a search phrase in it - for example, ealingcleaners. So including ‘Wix’ in the URL may affect results.

It may also make the business look unprofessional. And professionalism is an important part of your overall SEO strategy.

You may find it difficult to create a DIY site that is good enough for corporate visitors / clients. DIY sites are easy to spot and don’t reflect well on the owner.

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