Thursday, 10 March 2016

Don’t let incorrect spacing leave people spaced out

Proofreaders should check that paragraph spacing has been done correctly on any document they read on screen.

Some people achieve bigger spaces between paragraphs by hitting the ‘return’ key twice on their keyboard.

But this practice can create havoc if the copy is eventually used with a desktop publishing programme like Quark Xpress.

The additional ‘returns’ appear as random spaces, and have to be removed, one at a time. It can take ages.

We tell people on our proofreading course that if a writer wants more spacing between paragraphs, they should use their software’s line spacing tool, or equivalent.

In Word, you select the ‘Paragraph’ tab, and then set the ‘Line Spacing’ to ‘Double’:

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It’s really important to check the spacing has been done properly, especially when you’re reading a document on screen.

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