Friday, 4 March 2016

Copywriting needs the personal touch

Copywriting is all about engagement. Readers need to feel you’re writing to them, personally.

That means being informal. Most people find that hard.

They’re quite capable of chatting informally to a friend. But put them in front of a screen, and they become tense and awkward.

I tell students on our online copywriting course that the solution is to imagine they’re chatting to a friend over a drink and use the same language. It might help if you say what you’re planning to write out loud, record it, and see how it sounds. Ask yourself: ‘Would I say it like this to my best mate?’

It also helps to mention some of your own experiences. The occasional anecdote will establish common ground with the reader, especially when you’re writing direct mail, a blog or web content.

Asking the reader questions works well, too. It makes them think. Good copywriting is a conversation, not a monologue. So aim to get the reader to respond rather than talk at them.

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