Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Copywriters need to start preparing for the future

A small businesses will only survive if it responds to its market. And that means changing when the market changes.
We had to do that in 2007, when the College of Media and Publishing (originally CTJT) only provided journalism courses. But we figured the demand would drop, and so we introduced copywriting courses and other non-journalism subjects. Had we not changed, we would have gone bust! Non-journalism courses are our top products now.
So people doing an online copywriting course need to work out where the market will be in two years’ time, and start adapting.
If I were starting a copywriting business now, I’d focus on the web. There’s little future in ‘high street shops’. Most will be replaced by online stores. So a forward-thinking copywriter will start studying SEO, content writing etc, and working out how to deliver something different.
I’d also target shops that people will always need to attend in person – eg, hairdressers, nail bars, tattooists, charity shops and coffee shops. Competition will become fierce as other types of retailers dwindle, and there will be opportunities for copywriters who can produce something different for the survivors.

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