Friday, 12 February 2016

Why links on home pages still help SEO

Do links on home pages still help SEO? The simple answer is yes.

Although relevant content is vital, Google still looks for high quality inbound links and pages that are frequently updated.

Top level pages can have a higher number of links than subsequent levels, as people visit them first. And the home page is the most important of all.

Google recommends 'a reasonable number' of links per page in this article 

So on a home page, ‘reasonable’ is probably around 10-12. But you have to consider the user, too.

You may have used a ‘reasonable’ number by Google’s standards. But does that mean the user will find the page cluttered, or hard to navigate?

If so, you should take some out. Which ones? What must the user know when he or she arrives at your site?

The home page links definitely count as link juice, since it brings Googlebot into the website.

The blogger, Moz, has useful things to say about SEO. Read his article about links.

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