Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Off the record, PRs do need to be cautious

PRs are sometimes unsure of where they stand with journalists regarding statements that are made on, or off the record.
They are cautious. And I don’t blame them. Sadly, some journalists breach trust.
Most journalists will honour a request to speak off the record. And if they don’t, just speak to them on the record in future.
We tell people on our PR course that a journalist will, quite rightly, assume you are on the record unless you say otherwise. They have every right to quote you, with permission.
PRs should understand that if they’re speaking to a journalist, they’re likely to be quoted. It’s implied consent.

After all, if you ask a plumber to your house, he doesn’t have to get your consent to mend your pipes.
But when in doubt, check!

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