Thursday, 11 February 2016

Journalism is such an accessible career

Journalism is still ones of the most accessible careers.

There are formal entry routes, like doing a journalism degree or a National Council for the Training of Journalists course.
And there are also informal routes. That’s where our journalism courses come in.

And schemes like our New York Tabloid Internship fast track very talented people into jobs on the national press without any qualifications at all. It happens!

Gender, age and background aren’t a barrier either. Editors are very open-minded. Journalism makes you like that. Their main priority is: can you deliver?

If you can, they're not usually bothered about your age or background, provided your past really is in the past.

The key, though, is to prove your worth. Our online journalism courses help.

But in short: your future is in your hands.
See our specialist journalism courses

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