Wednesday, 10 February 2016

It’s easy choosing a name for your blog

Most of our students understand that a blog is essential – especially if you’re doing a copywriting course, or any course where you sell your services.

But many students find it hard knowing what to call their blog.

The simple answer is to use your name. See mine

And use your name in the url, too. Why confuse people when you don’t have to?

Using your name will save you time and trouble later on. You might start out as an all-round copywriter, but end up specialising in SEO after a year or two … who knows?

If you use your name, the blog will be suitable, whatever you do.

If you set up a new blog every time your career changes direction, you’ll lose followers. And why  spend time and money creating something new, when you don’t need to?

Social media profile is about consistency. You’ll ‘get lost’ in cyberspace if you chop and change.
You can always redesign the blog if it needs freshening up.

I also recommend you buy a domain name, instead of using a free one through blogger or similar.

A free one might be OK for now, when you are just starting out after your online copywriting course. But it might look unprofessional in two years’ time. So plan ahead.

To give you another personal example, we started with a blog on Wordpress. But after a few years, we discovered people wanted to see the blog on our main site.

So we’ve had to spend time and a lot of money transferring it. It finally went live this week!

It’s best to think long-term if you’re serious about your web profile.

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