Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How can I get you started as an author?

Copywriting can get you started as an author. Some of our students have already made the jump.

You use the same skills as you’d learn on our copywriting courses, but just write a lot more!

But it’s very hard getting books printed, and the royalties are lousy – as low as 10%.

Also, unless you’re Nigella Lawson or Lee Child, publishers don’t give you a promotion budget: you have to do all the promotion yourself.

But at least you’ll have learned some promotional skills if you did our copywriting skills!

How do you approach a publisher? You don’t write the book and hope you’ll sell it. It works the other way round.

Initially, you approach them with:
  1. The working title, and target audience.
  2. An outline of the content.
  3. The whole first chapter.
  4. A 50-100 word synopsis of every other chapter.
But don’t hold your breath for a sale!

Some people use this service to get books published.

But the easiest option is to use those copywriting course skills to publish your own eBooks through Amazon Kindle, or similar.

It’s a simple process – we can help you with it.

Our partners BST Creative offer a competitive service that includes designing the cover, formatting the content and seeing the book right through to publication.

Amazon pays a decent royalty, but it’s hard work selling anything: you have to keep the price low and hope for high sales volumes.

See our copywriting course

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