Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Drivel, or semi colons? Your choice.

Writers often argue about semicolons. Modernists will tell you they have no place in modern writing. Traditionalists will die to preserve them.

We support the former view. But the never-ending argument misses the point. We ask our copywriting course students: ‘Who cares about semicolons, when the copy itself is rubbish?’
The readers are the ones who matter. And they’d sooner read compelling copy, with or without semicolons, than drivel with traditional punctuation. This article sums it up well
The rules regarding semicolons are incredibly complicated – read them

And they’re even worse for web developers … see if you can understand them

We are completely unapologetic when we tell students on our copywriting courses: ‘Semi-colons are rarely used on the web these days. Forget about them!’
But if you’re really keen on them, you can play this game – Enjoy!

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