Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Check the copyright of your SoundCloud podcasts

Many PRs use podcasts. They get messages across effectively and provide useful advice and information.

Our PR courses provide some good advice on how to use them. And this is a really effective article

Many businesses use SoundCloud to host their podcasts. It’s a great site. We use it  (you will need a
SoundCloud account to see this list of podcasts).

Uploads to SoundCloud are covered by their copyright terms for public use.

When you upload an audio clip, you select Public or Private. When you select Public, you are then bound by this agreement

In short:
  1. You own the copyright,
  2. But you consent to make your podcasts universally available for download.
And when you click OK to display on Twitter / Facebook etc, you grant the same rights to their followers.

Most PRs are fine with that. They want their content to be shared - it's good publicity.

But make sure you don't upload anything that anyone could later use against you.
See our PR course

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