Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A simple step to improving your proofreading skills

Our proofreading course students find that they tend to miss certain types of issues.

All proofreaders are the same: we’re good at spotting some things, but less good with others. But we still need to achieve 100% accuracy.

So it’s important to pinpoint which errors you miss, and why you miss them. Then you can work on your weak areas.

Here are some reasons why you may miss certain types of problems:
  1. You didn't realise the error was an error. For example, you didn’t see a misspelled word because you thought it was spelt correctly. Or you overlooked a missing apostrophe because your punctuation skills are weak.
  2. The position of the error on the line. Some people find that words that fall at the beginning or the end of a line are easy to miss.
  3. The font colour or size. Time for an eye test, perhaps? Or maybe you’re colour blind?
  4. You’re not good at following numerical sequences.
  5. You miss miss repeated words. Many proofreaders do. Maybe you just did!
If you’re doing our distance learning proofreading course, make sure you take time to analyse which errors you miss. Then devise some training to make sure you spot them in future.

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