Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Why our fashion journalism course is so popular

Our fashion journalism course remains one of our most popular programmes. Our graduates have achieved some amazing successes.

CMP fashion journalism course student, Lounette Loubser, has secured at job at the UK’s top women’s magazine, Glamour.

And fashion journalism course student, Laurie van Jonsson, published a book, How to Become a Lingerie Designer.

So - what does a fashion journalist do?

A fashion journalist writes or broadcasts on the world of fashion. This may involve covering trends, news, reviewing new collections and interviewing designers or key players in the industry.

Take a look at this videos about the role of a fashion journalist:

This article gives you tips on starting in fashion journalism:
You can definitely make money as a fashion journalist.

Prospects state that the average pay for a newspaper journalist is £24,500, but this varies between regional and national newspapers.

Freelance rates vary. According to, fees can vary from £190 per 1000 words for a big US magazine to £700 per 1000 words for a large circulation UK magazine and £420 per 1000 words for a smaller UK-based consumer magazine.

There are many places to look for work, including these websites:

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