Thursday, 21 January 2016

Who owns the copyright of PRs’ broadcast interviews?

A scenario for our PR course students. A journalist interviews a PR for a radio or TV news bulletin or documentary.

Who owns the copyright?

It is complex.

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988:
  1. The PR, or the company (s)he’s representing, owns the copyright to their answers.
  2. The broadcaster owns the copyright to the questions.
  3. The broadcaster also owns the copyright of the programme. But they have to respect the PR’s rights if they want to re-use it for anything other than repeating, or repeating accurate, in-context clips.
So there’s usually a win-win copyright ‘truce’ between broadcasters and interviewees. They allow each other reciprocal use of the interviews.

But students on our PR courses will know that like anything in law, individual PRs, or broadcasters, might have their own terms and conditions.

But the advice I have given here is the standard ‘default’ position.

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