Monday, 25 January 2016

The two most important things about your website

By Cleland Thom

This is the last in our series of tips for anyone planning to build a small website.
Thanks for the feedback on the other posts from people on our copywriting course. Glad the tips are helpful!

It’s not just people on copywriting courses who need websites, though.

Anyone setting up their own business needs a website.

Here are today’s tips:
  1. Identify the site’s target audience. Remember: ‘everybody’ usually means ‘nobody’. Website owners are like snipers, they aim at specific people. Avoid being a farmer with a blunderbuss, they fire hundreds of pellets and hope some hit the target. You must be able to give a short, focused, one-sentence answer to the question: ‘Who is this site for?’
  2. Similarly, identify the site’s prime purpose. You’ll have far greater success if you target a niche. If you target ‘sportswomen’, you won’t attract a following. But if you target: ‘Middle-aged women who love archery’, you’ll soon build a relevant audience.
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