Friday, 15 January 2016

PR course students need work placements, too

People on our PR courses usually associate work experience with journalism.

But PR placements are just as important: you can gain vital experience and contacts.

Our online PR course student John Hammond knows it works.

He did a ‘virtual’ placement with a holiday company earlier this year, and now has a job.

It’s best to target placements with organisations that can help your career goals – especially ones you’d like to work for.

PR agencies use placements as ‘talent shows’.

Location often plays a big part too.

Once you’ve identified your targets, write to them with your CV and cover letter, and state your availability.

You will probably have to settle for what they offer you … probably a one-week placement.

They may offer you a day-per-week if they’re impressed with you and believe you can make a contribution.

PR course students can also get experience by offering to work for small businesses, charities and other organisations.

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