Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It pays to be on good terms with copywriting terms

The web's multicultural nature means that technical terms can become blurred into an international language.

And it can be confusing when a term means different things to different people - especially when they're on our copywriting course!

Here are two I've dealt with this week:

'Flow', can mean that.
  1. Each sentence should be fluent and clear to read, with correct syntax and simple construction.
  2. The copy as a whole should have a logical flow: subject areas should be grouped, possibly under headings. The most important content (from the client's point of view.

    Important could mean: significant; or urgent) should be at the top, and the least important content at the bottom.
  3. You may use headings, bullet points and numbered lists, if appropriate.

    We have lessons on this in our copywriting courses
  4. You could provide an executive summary, and an index with anchored links to headings, at the top.

    These can help the reader: they know what's where.
'Scope' can mean two things:
  1. It may refer to the entire project, ie, the scope of your brief. Does the copy need light editing? Heaving editing? Are you being asked to check every fact?
  2. It may refer to the copy's relevance. So the editor should identify the copy's prime purpose, and edit it accordingly, either deleting, summarising, or prioritising the rest.
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