Thursday, 28 January 2016

How much to charge for writing services?

Knowing what to charge for writing copy is like playing poker.

Some publishers make it easy: they tell you the price, and you take it or leave it.

Pay can be very low to start with. Many web content writing businesses only pay £6 for 400 words. If that’s too low for you, there are hundreds of people out there who work for less.

Other publishers ask you to name your price. Tricky! Do you quote a high price and miss the job, or quote a low one and get ripped off? People on our writing courses find it difficult to decide.

Ultimately, it depends on how much you need the money!

Choosing your price depends on the business. But don’t bother asking a web content agency for more than £7 per 500 words.

£15-ish would be reasonable for a 500-word feature article for a music journalism site.

A well-known site might accept £35.

This is a useful guide

But these figures are more aspirational, even for experienced freelancers. The ‘union rate’ and the ‘going rate’ are very different.

Remember though, people on a writing course sometimes have to accept low rates to build up contacts, experience and credibility.

Another option is to use your copywriting course skills to publish your own eBooks through Amazon Kindle, or similar.

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