Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Good attitudes helped our sports journalism course student succeed

A few weeks ago, one of our sports journalism course graduates emailed us saying that he had just been offered a job in London on a sports website.

He enrolled on our online sports journalism course  a year ago and always showed a willing and positive attitude to his studies. It was obvious that he was going to succeed.

Having the right attitude is usually the key to success in a journalism career. You often meet talented people who have a bad attitude, and they are left wondering why they don’t get jobs. And then you meet people with more limited talent, but a great attitude. They are willing to learn, they have a goal and an action plan, and they stick to it until they get where they want to go.

Our student was like this. We’ve worked with more talented sports journalism students. But ultimately, his attitude gave him the edge.

Employers prefer to take on people who work hard, are punctual, arrive early and stay late, who help others, and who are polite and willing.

That’s because you can teach people skills. But it’s very hard to change people’s attitudes. We would sooner work with a teachable student with limited ability, than a talented one who’s a know-all.

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