Friday, 22 January 2016

Four more tips to make your website stand out

This is the second in our series of tips for anyone planning to build a small website.

They'll help anyone setting up their own business, or students on our SEO courses
  1. Make sure you present the copy well. Use a sans serif font, and a size people can actually see: 10pt minimum. Choose a strong font colour. Newspapers don't use black for nothing. It's still the easiest colour to read. Many sites prefer grey. Why? It's harder to read than black.
  2. Make sure the font colour works well with the background colour. Here's how not to do itThis graphic gifts some useful tips.
  3. Of course, links are important for SEO. So use sensible colours. Most people recognise links presented in blue, so why be different for the sake of it? Read these useful guidelines
  4. Use short paragraphs. They should on contain one or two sentences each, and should be double-spaced.
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