Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Do everything well and one thing brilliantly

By Cleland Thom

Purists don’t like it, but today’s journalists need to be fabulously multiskilled: a Jack (or Jill) of all trades.

So we encourage our distance learning course students to keep all their options open at the start of their media careers.

This especially applies to students on our NCTJ journalism courses and blogging courses
They must be prepared to write anything, for anyone, anywhere, to get experience and work.

But a specialism is important as well. It’s not either / or. So, to refer again to ‘Jack of all trades’, you should also be a master of one … note, one, not none!

You’ll stand more chance of getting freelance work, or a staff job, if you can either turn your hand to anything, and offer a specialist knowledge, or a specialist skill. Or both!

So my advice is to become highly proficient at most things, and brilliant at something.

And, of course, have a blog. You won’t get a job interview without one.

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