Monday, 28 December 2015

How does networking happen in distance learning?

By Cleland Thom
It’s one of our strongest features. Most people network through social media these days, and we coach our students in networking techniques even before they get their first teaching modules!
Our networking works in several ways:

1.   Through our student lounge. This gives people the chance to network with our past and present students in the UK and abroad.

2.   Our students network with each other. They form Facebook groups, Google circles etc.

3.   Our NCTJ alumni Our ex-students keep in touch with us and often open doors for current students.

4.   Our client list is useful for introducing students for work experience, jobs etc. See:

5.   Cleland’s blogs:

These attract thousands of page views, and put him in touch with many key media people, worldwide.

6.   Our tutors’ contacts. All our journalism tutors still do some work for national papers and a huge range of other media. See:

7.   Our databases: they’re unique! We have carefully collated the personal email addresses of almost every national, local, TV, radio, freelance and magazine journalist in the UK: tens of thousands of names. This means we can put you in touch with anyone, anywhere. We have sophisticated search tools, so if you asked us, say, for a list of all the travel journalists working on business magazines in Suffolk, we can provide that for you within minutes.

So, one way or another, there’s very little we miss when it comes to networking!

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