Thursday, 17 September 2015

CMP launches new career ebook

CMP has launched a new ebook today, designed to help people boost their careers.

It is called Career booster, and it is written by CMP principal Cleland Thom. It is available for free.

It contains key insider tips on improving your job prospects including: writing effective CVs and cover letters, job interviews and building a career blog.

Cleland has drawn on 25 years of experience helping people start, or progress their careers in some of the world’s biggest – and smallest – businesses.

He has mentored people who now work for FTSE 100 corporations and leading education, governmental and non-profit organisations, as well as hundreds of small and medium enterprises and sole trader startups.

He said: “This ebook is designed to help people stand out in the job application process – whether that’s applying for work experience, looking for that all-important first job, or seeking promotion.

“It contains advice based on many years of understanding why people get good jobs, and also why they don’t.”

Download your free copy today, or email:

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