Monday, 4 May 2015

New materials for students on our editing courses

Our proofreading and editing course students can now learn from clear, easy-to-follow proofreading charts.
We have created our own materials, which give simple explanations and examples for every BSI symbol.

The materials set us apart from other proofreading course providers, who just give their students basic lists of proofreading marks.

Ours explains what each official mark means, and gives an example of how to use it.
The charts have been devised by our proofreading and editing course tutor Jennie Harborth She spent days creating them.

She said: ‘Students find proofreading marks hard to apply, which isn’t surprising, as they are like an English-only speaker trying to learn Arabic or Russian!

‘These charts show the students what the marks look like in action, and  explain how to use them.’

Proofreading course material

CMP principal Cleland Thom said: ‘Our proofreading and editing course already goes into greater depth than any other course on the market.

‘These charts make an even bigger difference. They make complex proofreading marks more accessible and easier to learn.’

The charts are also available to students on our webediting course and subediting course
Email us if you would like a copy

The chart is available half price to students on our other courses – just £9.95

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