Monday, 2 February 2015

New York Tabloid Internship scheme: CMP students get priority

CMP students will get first choice, and a discount, for our New York Tabloid Internship scheme.

The two-month virtual internship with leading New York news agency Manhattan News to fast-track young journalists to jobs on the national papers.

The scheme gives budding tabloid journalists the chance to work with award-winning Manhattan News editor Julian Brouwer.

Successful applicants will get real-life experience on all aspects of hard-edge, tabloid news journalism.

If they excel, they could find their first job is on a UK tabloid newspaper. Julian Brouwer has worked on some of the world’s biggest stories, including the death of Princess Diana and the World Trade Center attacks.

He left the London tabloids to pursue an exciting career in America. His first big journalistic assignment was covering the death of JFK Junior, the man Americans lovingly dubbed America’s Prince.

Julian's award-winning column, This is America, appeared in the Daily Express five days a week and looked at the lighter side of life across the Pond.

He said: 'I've been fortunate to get some great breaks in journalism and want to give other people the same chance.

'My agency is at the sharp end, following up major news stories and selling them to the tabloids. The scheme will give successful applicants an amazing opportunity to break into the exciting and lucrative world of tabloid journalism.'

He added: 'This is a great opportunity for a self-starter to skip the long and arduous route of local newspapers, and advance straight to the tabloids.'

Our current students will get priority applications, and a 15% discount on the course fee.

CMP director Cleland Thom added: 'I wish I'd had an opportunity like this when I started out. It will shape people's careers and fast-track them through to the national papers.'

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